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Programme features

The program includes a broad range of activities including that will enable young scientists to interact with some of the best international experts in the field of redox, disease and ageing biology.

Plenary Lectures

Plenary lectures will be delivered throughout the course with numerous plenary lectures of 45 minutes each (30 min plus 15 discussion). The scientific program is diverse, covering various fields governed by redox alterations such as ageing, nutrition, proteostasis, diseases as well as the field of interventions (including personalised medicine).

Meet the Expert

There will be five “meet the expert” tutorial sessions where the young scientists can benefit from senior scientists’ expert knowledge and ask their advice. The topics will be related to the overall focus of the respective day. In addition, since lecturers and participants will be resident in the same hotel, discussions can continue during leisure periods; this has been common in previous SFRR-Europe summer schools. Finally, programmed social events will also bring together young scientists and senior researchers in a more comfortable and relaxed environment.

Short Presentations

Each poster will be presented by the students in a 4-minute-thesis style oral presentation entitled How would you present your results to a scientific audience? followed by a 2-minute-lay style oral presentation entitled How would you present your scientific work to your mum? and will conclude with a brief 1-minute discussion.


Three extended evening Poster Sessions represent a vital part of the School. Poster sessions will receive special attention since this is the best way for the participants to present their own work, seek advice and suggestions and establish collaborations both with senior scientists and with their peers. The posters will be demonstrated throughout the duration of the school. 

Training Lectures

Four training lectures will provide vital information on:  Giving good presentations, successful publishing in redox journals, presentations of SFRR-E and SFRR-E schools and others. A guest lecture will also be delivered by Dr Valerie Vanhooren who is Co-Founder & CEO of Ona Therapeutics (Barcelona, Spain). Dr Vanhooren will bring expertise from both laboratory and industry (including entrepreneurship) and will advance participants’ knowledge related to different careers in Science.

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