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If you are a member of the Society for Free Radical Research Europe (SFRR-Europe) or a member of the Society for Free Radical Research International (SFRR-International), you may apply for one of the society bursaries to cover the cost of registration which includes shared accommodation and subsistence (for transcontinental awardees a contribution towards travel expenses will also be made). Bursaries on behalf of SFRR-International are kindly sponsored by the Oxygen Club of California (OCC).

To qualify you must be a Young Scientist (graduate students and postdoctoral researchers within five years of obtaining a PhD).

In addition to all the documents specified on the applications page, you must include a certificate of membership of the relevant society (SFRR-Europe or SFRR-International), and (ii) answer yes to the question asking about interest in applying for a travel award.

Selected applicants will be notified by May 15th 2024 and further instructions will then be provided.

The Course Organizers would like to thank GRK 2155 ProMoAge which has committed to financially support students from ProMoAge consortium to attend the course. Students supported by ProMoAge should state this in their application. 

The Course Organizers would also like to thank our Sponsors.

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